Teen Bean (Medium Size For Small Adults and Large Kids) Body Pillow With Cotton Cover


Teen Bean Body Pillow for Teens/Small Adults – Organic Kapok & Cotton – Support For Better Sleep – 4’6″ Long, 10″ Dia. (Medium Size)



The Teen Bean Body Pillow, filled with fluffy Kapok Tree seed pod filling, offers a natural and unmatched level of comfort and relaxation—ideal for side sleepers. Unlike synthetic pillows, this pillow provides a unique, natural cushioning experience. Kapok offers a substantial yet soft and firm feel, with remarkable stability you can truly rely on. You can comfortably lean on this body pillow, and it will support your weight effortlessly. Kapok, sourced from the majestic Ceiba Tree, also known as the “Tree of Life” due to its vital role in supporting life in rainforests with its massive trunk and canopy.

Our Human Bean Body Pillows are meticulously handcrafted in the USA using pure organic cotton fabric and hypoallergenic Kapok filling. The Teen Bean Body Pillow measures four and a half feet in length and has a ten-inch diameter. Its cylindrical shape, combined with a slender and flexible design, makes it easily adaptable to various positions that promote healthy sleep posture.

Physical therapists frequently recommend The Teen Bean Body Pillow for achieving more restful and restorative sleep, as well as therapeutic special positioning for joint and muscle support. Moreover, this body pillow can also offer emotional support, akin to a teddy bear—perfect for calming kids at bedtime (Kid Size Body Pillows are great for this purpose).

In a small sleep study conducted by a physical therapist using The Human Bean Body Pillow and monitoring sleep, the results demonstrated reduced nighttime movement and improved sleep quality. Each of our body pillows comes with a washable organic cotton fitted cover featuring a secure zippered closure. Additionally, there’s a zippered opening on one end of the pillow, allowing you to adjust the Kapok filling as desired.


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