Body Pillow Therapy™

Improve Your Body’s Posture With Our Pillows

The Original Body Pillow is 5 feet 6 inches long and made of a pure cotton zippered shell filled with 100% natural kapok fiber. Fitted, washable covers are available in white cotton.
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Body Pillow Therapy™

Body Pillow Therapy™ is a new concept in maintaining the proper posture for comfort and healing during rest and recovery. Specially positioning oneself with the therapeutic body pillow, allows the body to achieve a state of profound comfort and relaxation for healthy rest as well as the promotion of healing.

The all-natural body pillow offers therapeutic benefits due to its unique physical characteristics. Filled with natural Kapok fiber, this pillow gently molds into a flexible and soothing support system that accommodates any desired position. Physical therapists frequently utilize this special feature for joint pressure relief, improving circulation to injured areas, and promoting restorative rest. What's more, we've discovered that users of our Body Pillow Therapy™ tend to rely less on pharmaceutical sleep aids and pain relievers, experiencing improved comfort and sleep quality.

In the healthcare industry, there's a growing need for safe, non-invasive tools that individuals can use to achieve and maintain optimal structural health while ensuring restorative relaxation and rest. Body Pillow Therapy™ effectively addresses this need.

Our products are proudly made in the USA by Treehugger Pillows, emphasizing the use of natural 100% cotton fabric and 100% Kapok fiber for our pillows and pillow covers. This commitment to all-natural, handcrafted quality sets us apart.

Originally designed to provide basic physical comfort during sleep. But soon, created a more specialized niche for itself with physical therapists and pregnant or nursing women. The photos (with captions written by a physical therapist) show just a few examples of Body Pillow Therapy.