Providing Relief and Comfort through kapok-filled ergonomic pillows


Treehugger Pillows has been making ergonomic kapok pillows since 1988

The first pillows were probably made out of anything soft enough to provide comfort. The people who were lucky enough to live near the Ceiba Tree and trees like it around the world started using Kapok filling for their pillows and bedding.

Kapok is a fiber from inside of the seed pods that open when ripe and fall off the trees. Kapok provides very stable support for your body in the positions needed for a healthy sleeping posture. Consideration should be given to support of joints and spine alignment during sleep. Muscle fatigue from strenuous exertion can be soothed by the gentle massaging pressure from a Kapok Pillow.

Now you too can find regenerative comfort from Kapok pillows! We make our Kapok pillows in special curvy, ergonomic shapes for extra comfort.

So, check out our curvy pillows and hug a tree today!